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Dated: 07/30/2019

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With the upcoming change of seasons (not to strip you of summer...just thinking ahead!) it is the perfect time to go through the house and take care of some MUCH NEEDED tasks before the cold weather is back. 

Windows: We can’t stress this enough. Inside, outside, storm windows - do them all! It’s easy to forget this important task until you’re hanging holiday lights and realize just how dirty your windows are and by then it’s too cold to be bothered; leaving it for another time. The fall is the perfect time to tackle this chore; you’re not sweating in the heat and you aren’t freezing your finger tips off just yet. 

Window Treatments: If you still have beautiful drapes or curtains, now’s the time to get them professionally cleaned. Send them out the week you plan to clean the windows so they are out of the way and you are committed to cleaning!

Kitchen Cupboards: This is one typically forgotten but necessary! The cooler weather can prompt more ‘creatures’ sneaking into your house...having crumbs or old drippings from food can be even more inviting for these unwanted visitors. Eliminate the invite; clean out the cupboards. Get rid of old food, expired items and do a thorough wipe down before putting your stuff back in place.

Closets: Switching back to cooler weather clothes is nice after a long summer but sometimes you’re so quick to switch you overlook that you haven’t worn half of the stuff you’re packing away for next year. Save yourself space and time next Spring by getting the unworn items out. If you didn’t wear it this season, what makes you think it’s going to spark a twinkle in your eye come May 2020? BYE!

Safety: Check and double check those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Change out the batteries, even if that annoying beeping isn’t happening. Being proactive now not only keeps you and your family safer in the long run, but it also helps to avoid being woken up in the middle of the night by the beeping; balancing on a chair changing out the battery so you can go back to sleep!

Gutters: This is another one we cannot stress enough. Fall is the MOST important time to clean out (or have someone come and clean out) the gutters. You can avoid potential water damage, and other damage to your home by getting up there and checking these babies! 

Drain & Store: All you people with green thumbs out there, this is for you. You’ve been keeping up with watering your plants all summer long, but now it’s time to bring them in or in most cases, wait until the following year to replant. This leads us to drain and store the hose. Failing to do this can lead to pipes freezing and bursting come winter, ie. no bueno! 

For more tips on getting your home ready for the cold, message me - I’m always more than happy to help!

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