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Dated: 07/26/2018

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Choosing the right neighborhood is like finding the right pair of sneakers in your 30's: you want cool but not flashy, affordable, comfortable, and to look like you're not trying too hard to fit in. And just like standing in front of the sneaker wall at Ubiq, picking the right spot to buy a home in Philly can lead to choice paralysis.

But you're in luck: Fresh Places is here to help you choose between two of Philadelphia's greatest neighborhoods in the first installment of Philly Phight: Old City vs. Graduate Hospital.

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Graduate Hospital is a relatively quiet neighborhood with a mix of young professionals and families. Sure, the median price of homes is approaching $500,000, but you tend to get more home for that price. Old City, meanwhile, is a little more affordable neighborhood with a median home price of $397,000, but homes tend to run smaller, and things are a bit more congested.

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Do you have a car and do you like to park it when you're not driving it? If you said yes, we've got some bad news for you… you're gonna spend a lot of time circling the block to find a spot, unless you rent a monthly parking space. While garage spots in Graduate Hospital can be as expensive as $525 per month, spots appear to be considerably cheaper in Old City.

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Despite its built-in tourist-y vibe, Old City isn't just the Liberty Bell and random historical spots where John Hancock ate a sandwich. There's also a high volume of swanky cocktail bars and trendy clubs. Graduate Hospital, on the other hand, is a bit more low-key, with a wide selection of neighborhood restaurants, fancy gastropubs, and cozy dive bars just waiting for you to become a regular.

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Graduate Hospital has the Schuylkill Boardwalk, which is a great place to exercise, walk the dog, or spend time with family on a sunny day, while Old City is a hotbed of arts, with a volume of galleries, music venues, and theaters.

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Though it's a split scorecard, and Old City put up a great phight, Graduate Hospital just narrowly edges this one out. With a median home value increase of 6.9% from last year, compared to Old City's 1.4%, it's just the better investment right now.

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