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Dated: 10/31/2019

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Each year we tend to wish for it to be the summer and then once we're over the heat we wish for cooler weather and falling leaves; luckily we're in the middle of it and still have a long way to go before the unofficial start to the winter holidays! Thanksgiving's timing this year is late; giving us more time to enjoy the fall...but don't be fooled, the winter attractions are opening early this month. See what's headed our way in November:

Hold me closer tiny dancer; see Sir Elton John one last time during his retirement tour at the Wells Fargo Center on November 8th and 9th. 

Philly POPs is always an incredible show but they take it to a new level the closer it gets to the winter holidays. Their schedules ramp up this month leading up, check out where you can see them perform here

Chill out at the Dilworth Park winter wonderland; including an ice skating rink, a lodge to warm up and more! Events are happening throughout the winter here, but kick off on November 8th with the opening of the rink! 

Franklin Square Park sure knows how to get into the spirit of every season/holiday/celebration so expect no different this winter! The 2019 holiday festival kicks off on November 14th for the first of many light shows this season.

Fashion District Philadelphia has spent NO TIME diving right into the spirits with their first holiday season upon us they’re going above and beyond to spread holiday cheer. Beginning November 14th at 4pm there will be a light show in conjunction with a Philly POPs recording; this will run every 30 minutes until close each evening. 

They’ve already started decorating to prepare for the first year of Luminature at the Philadelphia Zoo. Starting November 20th visitors are invited to come visit the 12 massive light displays — including 200 lit penguins, big cat eyes, a 21-foot-tall snake and more — the watering hole and many other areas will be offering adult beverages, seasonal fare and live performances! 

Are you a family who enjoys cutting and bringing home live trees each year to decorate? If so, Linvilla begins offering this activity on November 23rd and will remain open through December 23rd. Come out and enjoy the festivities! 

Late this year, so prepare to bundle up; the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia starts at 8:30am on Thanksgiving morning... 

...Followed by the opening of Christmas Village at Love Park that evening. The temporary attraction closes up shop on December 24th so be sure to stop in over the month of December for all things Christmas! 

The Macy’s and Comcast light shows begin on Thanksgiving night as well. Macy’s show occurs every 2-hours while the Comcast show is every 15-minutes!

What are some November events you're looking forward to? Comment below so we can check them out too!

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