National Hot Cocoa Day

Dated: 12/13/2019

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Everyone loves a good cup of hot cocoa every now and again, especially this time of year!

Do you know the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate? Hot cocoa is made with pure cocoa powder (so the cocoa butter has been removed from the ground cacao beans) and sweetened to taste as desired. This makes hot cocoa a less calorific option than hot chocolate, which is made from a melted bar of chocolate, so it contains cocoa butter in addition to cocoa and sugar.

And do you also know one of the best places to grab a cup of hot cocoa? Cake Life Bake Shop at 1306 Frankford Ave in Fishtown. Cake Life offers two hot cocoa options: The Campfire Hot Cocoa is a traditional hot cocoa topped with house-made whipped cream, graham cracker crumbs and toasted meringues; and the Unicorn Hot Chocolate is white hot chocolate topped with house-made whipped cream, crumbled rainbow meringues and pastel sprinkles. If you still want to still go the baked good route while there (it’s hard not too) guests can also purchase Cake Life’s Campfire Cocoa Cake (also on their Cake of the Month menu for December.) The cake is made with hot chocolate whipped cream and toasted marshmallows. 

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