Fall Home Checklist 2019

Dated: 09/27/2019

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Your Fall Home Checklist

We may be complaining about these late season heat indexes however we should be using them as an opportunity to run through our fall home checklist before it's too late. Waiting to do (or not do them) these simple tasks can lead to MAJOR problems down the road whether it's having to call in a professional ($$$) or in some cases permanent damage to the home!

We've rounded up a few easy checks to tick of the list before the cold weather hits:

  • Be sure to clean out downspouts & gutters you'd be surprised of the build up: Neglecting to do this can lead to massive water damage...I mean, water's gotta go somewhere, right? Cleaning the gutters in mid to late fall can help eliminate back up when there is a late autumn rain storm and even melting snow come winter.

  • Inspect the exterior & seal up any gaps where critters could enter to warm up: I know bugs and critters are a thing...they are just 'things' I DO NOT need in my house! Checking the exterior of your home/condo/etc can really help to prevent these pesky little buggers from getting inside and enjoying your heat!

  • Buy Winter Items now before they're hard to find - ie. shovel, salt, ice scrapers, etc: Ever hit up the Walgreens on South Street right before a big storm? Yep - no salt, no shovels, no nothing! Save yourself the headache/hassle/pain/stress/all the above and just get these essentials now. Even ordering them online; you're sure to get them before any bad weather if you just do it now! Then all you'll need to worry about when the first storm hits is where to get your wine!

  • Shut Off All Exterior Faucets & Drain/Store the Hoses: There is absolutely nothing worse then frozen *and sometimes* burst pipes. This is a result of leaving exterior faucets on; or not running the water enough inside. You're probably done watering your rooftop garden or window boxes, so shut it off, store the hose and call it a day!

  • Check Smoke Detectors & Switch out Air Filters before you switch to Heat: It's been ingrained in our heads from youth to check smoke detectors with the change of the season but something we often overlook is changing out the air filters. That HVAC unit has worked in overdrive this summer with more than 5 registered heat waves in the city of Philadelphia. Give it some TLC by switching out the filter and opening the windows for a few days before kicking on the heat. Plus who doesn't love some fresh autumn air?

  • Schedule Your Heating System Maintenance to Avoid Problems Later: Maintenance and preventative measures are CHEAPER than an emergency HVAC person having to come out, or worse, it cutting out in a snowstorm and no one being able to come out. Have someone come check your unit twice a year to avoid any major issues when it truly matters!

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