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Dated: 10/31/2019

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Every fall/winter I speak with potential sellers and each year I hear the same, or about the same spiel - “we can’t wait for spring to hit, we know we want to sell and are excited to list in the spring.” While I can’t take away their feeling of excitement to sell, I can tell them they don’t need to wait until spring...that is, if they are serious about selling!

Spring has always had this connotation of being “the real estate time” or when you typically list or buy a home and while this is still true, the fall and winter is really where it’s at. People are cooped up inside their current home whether it be their parent’s house, a rental, you name it...and they are ready to get out! Here’s what we’ve found really happens when our sellers list their home during this time and into December: 

    • More serious buyers: As mentioned above, people have become tired of their current situation and are looking for a change. The weather is dreary, cold and if there are buyers out in the elements, chances are they are EXTREMELY serious in finding a home and looking to act quickly

    • Warm and Cozy Feel: It is the holiday season, the season of copious amounts of decorations throughout  the home as well as fires in the fireplace and the fragrant smell of fresh baked goods billowing out from the kitchen. In short, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling immediately upon entering a home which tugs at the emotional strings of the buyers. Emotion = sales. When a buyer becomes emotionally attached to a home; you can almost guarantee they’ll make an offer you cannot refuse!

    • End of the Year Tax Breaks: This is for a quick sale at this point in the year. Selling a home over the fall and winter can allow for you to receive additional tax breaks - you’ll need to act fast if this is your reason behind wanting to sell!

    • Less Inventory: Everyone thought as you probably did at the beginning of this blog; let’s wait until spring - the hot market. Honestly, I’ve seen so many incredible homes sit on the market for weeks and sometimes even months before the right buyer sees it because it’s lost in the flood of homes being listed every day come April. When your home goes on the market in the cooler months agents and buyers alike are more likely to see your home immediately because there are less homes to sift through in their searches! Not only that but because there is less inventory and more serious buyers, the chance of a buyer who may not have considered your home in their initial search may be open to seeing and possibly making an offer on your home.

    • More Money for Your Home: You know that whole emotional aspect I touched on earlier? Yeah, that comes into play with this bullet point. When your emotions run high and you immediately feel a connection, some buyers will stop at nothing to ensure that this is their new home. This means that they may offer full from the start, or you may have bidding wars between potential buyers or in some cases even end up with offers over ask...you never know what emotion can do in real estate!

    • Bad Weather is your Best Friend: For people to fall in love with a home on a beautiful warm spring day with flowers on the stoop or in their flower boxes is one thing, but for a buyer to love a home on a cloudy and damp day is another. Seeing a home on an ugly day allows the buyer insight on what they can expect at the home’s worst!

    • Buyers Have More time to Look: Unless your boss is a complete Scrooge; you typically have more time off over the holidays than in the spring. Same goes for buyers, they have more time away from the office and more time to dedicate to seeing potential homes. More time = more showings and more buyers!

Although long-winded, I hope this helps to show you that the cold months are just as appealing (if not more appealing) to house hunters as the springtime. If you’re thinking selling is on your horizon, reach out to me today, I’d love to show you just how much your home is worth and what your potential new earnings would be!

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