Celebrating Dads Across Philadelphia

Dated: 06/04/2019

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Where to Celebrate Father’s Day in Philadelphia

Celebrating your mom on Mother’s Day can be easy, all ladies love a little TLC and a good brunch! Dads on the other hand can be tricky! Some of the things that you’d typically want to do like grilling or a good cook-out require the dad to do the grunt work when they are supposed to be in relaxation mode! So to help ease the stress of coming up with something to do with your dad this year, check out our Philly suggestions!

  • Picnic at Fairmount Park: Pack the car & the kids and head over to Fairmount Park! There’s always something going on over there from kickball to little league and so much more, but you can enjoy the outdoors and some great skyline views without having to get too active at all! Pack up some of dad's favorites and spend the day nibbling, sipping & just flat out enjoying time with your dad!

  • The Zoo: Everyone loves the zoo,but dad will love it even more so this year with the opening of Urban Green, the newest beer garden at the zoo. Not only doe Urban Green offer beer, but also mixed drinks and unique food offerings from the normal zoo fare.

  • Spruce Street Harbor Park: All the joys of being at the shore are brought to you at the Spruce Street Harbor Park, so instead of escaping the city to celebrate dad, suggest a day here...plus, at the shore dad would just have to lug all the chairs and umbrellas to the beach, right? At Spruce Street, there’s plenty to do from renting a paddle boat to playing life-sized lawn games and more. There’s delicious food and drink options available so no one needs to cook or clean up from this feast!

  • Yards Brewery: Still pretty new, the Yard Brewery is actually extremely kid friendly! We went one Sunday and there were equal numbers of kids to those enjoying the libations! It’s a wide open space with room for the kids to wander a bit (but not go nuts) while dad gets to enjoy the flights!

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