Best Farmers Markets Around Town

Dated: 07/10/2019

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Summer is all about eating fresh so we took the stress out of where to find the areas most fresh produce by rounding up our favorite farmers markets around Philadelphia

 Rittenhouse Farmers Market (Open year-round Saturdays 9a-3p & Tuesday 10a-2p): Arguably one of the city’s most popular markets due in part to the location - Rittenhouse Park - which receives an abundance of foot traffic in the summer but also in the winter from business people looking for a fresh lunch on Tuesdays and the workout gurus picking up healthy bites on the way home from a workout class in the fall & winter months. This market is jam packed with everything from raw fruits & veggies to frozen soup just waiting to be reheated and fresh seasonal flowers in the warmer months. 

Headhouse Farmers Market (Open year-round Sundays 10a-2p): Very popular due to the number of vendors who set up each week. There’s a fish market, fresh bread, fresh lemonade, potted and cut herbs, a cheese stand and so much more. Perfect to come hungry - try some samples & head home with fresh produce & fresh ideas for what to cook that week! 

Christ Church Farmers Market (Open Seasonally Wednesdays 2p-7p): The perfect midweek pick me up pops up in Old City each week through the late fall. Follow along on their instagram each week to see which vendors are in attendance - but a solid staple there is Aurora Grace chocolates! 

Fitler Square Farmers Market (Open year-round Saturdays 9a-2p): Tucked away in the Fitler Square neighborhood this one is really all about the locals. Not many people travel in for this market but people living in this and surrounding neighborhoods love this weekly feature throughout the year. 

 Fairmount Farmers Market (Seasonal Thursday 3-7p): Did you say produce & ice cream? At this market there is a great mix of healthy & unhealthy to keep you trucking on to the weekend! 

 Food Trust Market at Cherry Street Pier (Open now through November 16th): Beginning this Saturday Cherry Street Pier will host the first Food Trust Market - making this the largest weekly open-air market! There will be a little something for everyone including these vendors weekly & more to pop up throughout the season: 

  • Birchrunhill FarmsCa 

  • Phe Roasters 

  • The Chilly Banana 

  • Dump N Roll 

  • Frecon Farm 

  • Funkaesthetik 

  • Hickory Grove Gardens 

  • La Chocolatera 

  • Little Noodle 

  • Philly Tacos 

  • The Potato Homestead 

  • Pound Cake Heaven 

  • Slurp 

  • Sharrah Orchards

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