Fresh Take To Combat Boredom As A Family

Dated: 03/23/2020

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It's no small task to keep the ENTIRE FAMILY content during self-quarantine and social distancing. We've been chatting as a team and came up (with what we think) could help you and the squad stay busy during these surreal times. If you choose to try some of our ideas...tag us! We'd love to see how creative you're getting!

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Game Night: Trust us....we love to binge watch Netflix just like anyone else but it can get mundane after night 10 of making dinner, watching Disney+ with the kids before bedtime and now we’re rewatching already binged shows or scrolling through our phones while something plays in the background. There’s no better time than now to dive into some family friendly board games or even some interactive games through a smart tv. Think back to when there wasn’t tv - think charades, heads up and so many others which don’t require purchasing games and waiting for them to arrive. Think outside the box and make up a game - just your family will know how to play!

School...but Fun: Let’s be real, your kids are probably ecstatic they don’t need to “physically” need to be in school but keeping their minds fresh and a somewhat normal schedule can help during these unusual times. Some school districts are offering online schooling during this time, while others are providing worksheets and lesson plans for home. If nothing else, make it fun - baking and measuring is a way to hide math skills in play. And what about making slime (yes we know it’s messy) but this is a fun way to practice science while quarantined. Here are some great recipes to use! Sure self-quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t leave your home - grab some sidewalk chalk and practice writing skills on the sidewalk or driveway - just be sure to keep some distance from people passing by. 

Arts & Crafts: This can go along with the idea of fun schooling but try to separate when you can so it doesn’t feel redundant with younger kids. With spring on the horizon (officially tomorrow) there are a TON of great crafts you can do with the kids to refresh your home for spring - and a bonus, most items can be found at home or...Prime them! Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Spring Cleaning: We’re here, we reached spring and while we can’t get out and enjoy happy hours at our favorite spots...we can make the most of being home! Once the warm weather hits our first reaction is to get out of the house but this year’s break looks a bit different. We will want to make our home as comfortable and clean as possible. While we need to consider the typical cleaning methods to keep germs away - ie. Lysol; we also need to think about refreshing items which have been cooped up all winter long. Airing out linens and washing all bedding is important at the start of spring. Open up windows and allow fresh air to assist in the clean. Wiping out all cabinets where the most used kitchen equipment is can help in eliminating all lingering germs. Keep in mind wiping down all knobs and frequently touched surfaces. Any other spring cleaning tips? Comment below!

Theme Nights: This may already be a family tradition however we found during this time - because the days truly do run together - making a theme night on some *or all* evenings helps to get you excited for something to come! For example: Taco Tuesday. Throw on some themed music, cook up some tacos and sides and have a fiesta! It’s just dinner, but the kids will love the different themed nights and while we used to have social gatherings and parties to look forward to...for now this is a great replacement!

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