National Pizza Day In Philadelphia

Dated: 01/29/2020

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While everyone gets hyped up about Valentine’s Day, we’re focusing on arguably one of the most important holidays on the calendars...National Pizza Day. Sure it’s overlooked and not celebrated widely, but that’s because we tend to celebrate the cheesy & saucey goodness nearly every week (don’t judge). Since we’re self proclaimed experts in this field (and real estate!) we’re here to share our favorite places you should go to celebrate on February 9th aka National Pizza Day. 

Angelo’s Pizza: Anyone who has a pulse on Philly pizza knows that this place is the real deal. No ordering ahead, no eating in (unless you want to stand) it’s a place where you need to be ready to dedicate a good chunk of your afternoon in order to get your pizza. This demand can be partially thanks to Barstool President’s recent review of Angelo’s...check it out here.

Pizzeria Beddia: This place just had its second coming after closing up his first, smaller shop & reemerging with the operation he currently offers which is a dine-in, full topping, full bar kinda operation. This place not only offers great pizzas, but a nice cocktail and a private hoagie omakase experience (yes, you read right). 

Pizza Shackamaxon: A place perfect for Fishtown locals and visitors alike. The website is to the point...the home page is a giant slice of pizza and if you’re familiar with the world of pizza in Philly, this new(er) spot has taken over where the first Pizzeria Beddia used to be on Shackamaxon Street (hence the name).

Circles + Squares: The name gives way to what this establishment offers; choose between thin crust circle pizza or thicker crust square pies. Circles & Squares is a cash-only and the hours...well they’re 5pm until whenever they sell out (which is typically quickly!). If you arrive when they open, you’ll surely already be 3-4th in line so get there early!

Pizzeria Vetri: You hear the name and you know it’s going to be good. There are several locations and each location is just as good as the next. They offer a variety of pies, salads and appetizers...our recommendation, get the rotolo (you will not be disappointed).

Rione: Tucked away in Rittenhouse square this is definitely one to check out. The pizzas are baked in rectangular pans and served by the slice so if it's a quick lunchtime pop in you're in need of, here's your spot.

Tacconelli’s: You're going to have to know how hungry you are in advance! When you make your reservation they'll ask how many pies you're going to be ordering so that they plan ahead - waste not want not...right? This is also a cash only establishment in North Philly so plan ahead both in your desired # of pies & hit up an ATM. 

Santucci’s: Philly classic - their pizza and wings are equally delicious! Multiple locations make it easy for everyone to either stop at, or to get delivery in a timely manner. The go-to on game days in Philadelphia!

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