Fresh Take For Roommates During Quarantine

Dated: 03/27/2020

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Are you staying in with your roommate over this time and running out of things to binge on Netflix? Here are a few things I've done to keep busy during this time! Let us know of some additional ideas if you have something fun you've been doing with your roommates!

Closet Swap: No one is going out (or at least shouldn’t be) although everyone is putting clothes in the ‘cart’ and saving them for later...right? We know we are in our free time...but what about not having to spend the money for a new spring wardrobe?! Do a small scale spring cleaning in your closet, pulling out any items you no longer want or wear. Have your roommate do the same and then browse their selection and vice versa. You can have the experience of ‘shopping’ for a new wardrobe without opening your door, or wallet!

Zoom Calls: We’d LOVE to see the spike in the use of Zoom over the last two weeks. It’s sure to have skyrocketed as this is one of the easiest ways to ‘get together’ with friends! All you need to do is visit sign up for an account and set up a meeting. Invite friends via text or email and they will receive the link to hang. We’ve seen quite a few people join in one group...anyone know the limit per meeting? Let us know!

Friendly Competition Anyone?: Do a bake off, or a cook-off one night! Make the same dish - maybe use different recipes, or the same and see who can make the better dish! Or pull out (ie. order) some playing cards and try your hand at rummy or another classic card game. There is so much around the house/apartment that can become a competition - what are you most competitive with?

Free Online Workouts: Sure you may not have been gym rats before all this started....but why not pick up some healthy habits while stuck inside with not much to do. There are plenty of online platforms which are currently offering free classes or extending their free trials. Peloton is offering a 90-day free trial on their app which includes bodyweight strength training, core work out, HIIT classes which require no equipment and even outdoor runs and walks! They have some fire playlists and instructors to help keep you motivated throughout the workout. Some gyms are even offering online classes to existing members - Tuck Barre & Yoga is offering classes via Facebook live!

Happy Hour: Since it's Friday...why not! It's easy to enjoy spending time with your roommate and unwind with some fun new drinks! Grocery delivery may be hard to come by at this time, but here are some simple, but fun spring drink recipes (each only requiring 2 ingredients):

  • The Paloma: Equal parts (1/4 cup) of tequila with grapefruit-flavored soda (or another flavored seltzer). Serve it on the rocks with a lime wedge—salted rim optional. This mixed drink with tequila is a classic for a reason.

  • The Kalimotxo: Originating in Spain, equal parts dry red wine and Coca-Cola poured over ice. You can dress it up with a squeeze of lemon or orange.Overdid it last night? Kalimotxos make quite the restorative hangover cure, too.

  • The Gimlet: Gin-based cocktail that dates back to the '20s. The classic combo is crafted by shaking two ounces of gin with 1/4 ounces of Rose's Lime Juice with ice in a shaker, and then straining into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish this mixed drink with a wedge of lime.

  • The Bellini: Originating in Venice, Italy, in the '30s-'40s, the bellini is a simple yet elevated cocktail made with chilled fruit purée and prosecco. Traditionally, peach is used, but feel free to mix it up by subbing in passion fruit purée or garnishing with fragrant lavender. Just pour two ounces of purée into a champagne flute and top with three ounces of prosecco.

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